Services and Facilities

1. Authentication

The National Museum has a panel of art experts composed of highly competent and recognized authorities in the field art, to study, analyze, and authenticate art pieces, which eventually be declared as national art treasures and important cultural properties.

2. Outreach Program

This is one major program of the Museum Education Division that reaches out to the public in order to disseminate museum knowledge and promote the Institution to communities that cannot visit the National Museum . This includes sending resource speakers/specialists to talk on specific topics; conducting special seminars, workshops and trainings; lending photo exhibitions, other loan kits, traveling exhibits, VHS tapes and other educational materials.

3. Registration of Private and Licensed Dealers

Properties that are of cultural and historical significance owned by private individuals and collectors can be registered at the Cultural Properties Division to establish ownership of objects at the same time safeguard our national cultural properties. Owners of Antique Shops and dealers also register at the National Museum to prove to their clients the authenticity of their products and legality of their establishments.

4. General and Specialized Libraries

The National Museum has a central library located at the ground floor of the main building. Its collection is varied ranging from general references to subjects that deal with disciplines being studied in the museum. The more specialized titles can be found in specialized libraries maintained by Divisions that are involved research.

5. Reference Collection of Philippine Flora, Fauna, Rocks and Minerals

The National Museum maintains reference collections of Philippine flora and fauna including pollens and osteological specimens; and rocks and minerals. These are widely used by students and researchers to determine the identity and taxonomy of their specimens. The divisions that holds these reference collections are the Botany Division, Zoology Division, Geology Division and the Zooarchaeology Section of the Archaeology Division.

6. Conference Rooms/Exhibit Halls

In both the Main Building and the Museum of the Filipino People Building, Conference Rooms and Exhibit Halls may be utilized by the public for special events and occasion.

7. Object Theater (Multi-media presentations)

The whole museum experience is highlighted in the Object Theater through a multimedia presentation encapsulating the story of the Filipino nation. The special audio-visual production utilizes museum objects which are lighted one at a time as the story unfolds.

8. Museum Shop

The Museum Shop offers books, journals and postcards published by the National Museum itself or with the support from various foundations and organizations. The shop has also some Filipino handicrafts, trinkets and ethnic materials being sold as souvenirs.

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